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Who’s That Snu? Interview With Brother Alex Kunkel

Members of Sigma Nu at the University of Minnesota are featured periodically in order to provide a better idea of what individuals in our chapter are all about. For this edition, we feature Alex Kunkel.

Alex Kunkel is a junior in the College of Liberal Arts majoring in History. He is originally from Geneva, Illinois. Alex joined Sigma Nu as a first-semester freshman in the Fall of 2013 and served as the Social Chair in his sophomore year.

NICK: Tell me about your major. How did you decide on history?
ALEX: I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I came here so I waited to kind of figure out what I was interested in. Eventually I decided I wanted to become a high school teacher. I have three younger siblings and I’ve always been the older mentor, I’ve always liked working with kids. My favorite subject growing up was history, so I’d like to be a high school history teacher.

NICK: If you didn’t decide on being a teacher until college, what did you want to be when you were little?
ALEX: I think I went through all of the phases when I was little, I know at some point I wanted to be an astronaut.

NICK: What is your spirit animal and why?
ALEX: Well I don’t know for sure, but I’ve been told by other people that it’s a Grizzly bear, because I can be nice and friendly, but I get aggressive when playing sports, but if you don’t poke the bear then I’m an easy going guy.

NICK: Have you ever had a role model or someone you’ve really looked up to?
ALEX: I looked up to my grandfather a lot when I was little, he was just this awesome dude who did so much throughout his life. He fought in World War II, played professional soccer in Cecil, Pennsylvania, worked in the mines, built his own house on a hilltop, married my grandmother at the age of 16 because they both just knew, and he fostered this amazing family that still lives on that same hill. He lived to be pretty old before he died of leukemia. But he was always smiling, even right up to the end, and I’ve always tried to be like him.

NICK: Last year you won Alpha Omicron Pi’s Omicron Week. What made you want to participate and what has the experience been like?
ALEX: Well I’ve been friends with the AOII’s since the start of freshman year and a couple of the older members told me I should participate. The competition was a lot of fun. Since winning, I’ve gotten to know a lot more of their members which has been really cool. I also really enjoy having dinner with them when I have the chance. They’ve really become another chapter that supports me and that I can fall back on, they’re great!

NICK: How has Sigma Nu impacted your college experience thus far?
ALEX: It really has become my college experience, there’s not really an aspect of college that I can’t tie back to Sigma Nu. The classes are important, but you remember the friends and good times you’ve had a lot more, and all of my memories tie back to Sigma Nu. I really couldn’t tell you what my college experience would’ve been like if I hadn’t joined Sigma Nu. It would have been completely di×erent.

NICK: Lastly, we’ve got a tougher question for you. Would you rather only be able to whisper every time you talked, or only be able to yell?
ALEX: Only be able to whisper, that way I could still have one on one conversations without everyone overhearing me. If I yelled all the time, everyone would be able to hear me all the time, and people would probably start to tuning me out.

This interview was conducted by Sigma Nu, Gamma Tau Chapter’s Reporter, Nick Ohren. Nick is originally from Altoona, Wisconsin and is a junior in the College of Liberal Arts studying English and dance.

Who’s That Snu? Interview With Brother Adam Siegfried

Members of Sigma Nu at the University of Minnesota will be featured periodically in order to provide a better idea of what individuals in our chapter are all about. For the first edition, we feature Adam Siegfried.

NICK: To get things started, what are three words to describe yourself?
ADAM: I would say adventure– I like traveling/going new places, trying new things, pretty much doing anything adventurous [see picture below]. Second word I would say is motivated– I’ve always been motivated to give my best e×ort at everything I do, I don’t settle for being average. Lastly I would say music/musical– music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve played piano since 1st grade and drums since 5th grade, I love going to concerts and overall just listening to and making music.

NICK: What would you say is your spirit animal?
ADAM: A bald eagle because I love America.

NICK: Tell me about why you wanted to come to the University of Minnesota.
ADAM: I wanted to come to the U because of the good engineering and business program. Plus I really liked the campus because it was close to the city. Overall, it was the best choice, it just kind of worked out.

NICK: What made you want to join Greek life?
ADAM: I was looking to get involved with an organization when I got to college and Greek life was something that was unique to college. I did music and sports in high school, and I considered joining marching band or playing club sports here, but I felt like Greek life would be a different experience that I couldn’t get elsewhere.

NICK: Why did you choose Sigma Nu, specifically?
ADAM: I felt like I fit in really well with all of the guys and I really liked the mentality of the house everyone was so motivated to be successful. Also I liked that there was such a wide variety of people, so there’s always someone who shares interests with you.

NICK: After you graduate, what will be your favorite memory from your time in Sigma Nu?
ADAM: I would say getting to be involved with recruitment and being able to see the chapter grow from about 35-40 men to what it is now [currently at 92 total members] and to really see the chapter improve. I remember meeting together as pledge class oÕcers and we talked about how we wanted to grow the chapter and make it better. It’s been cool to see the fruits of our labor.

NICK: What advice do you have for younger members in Sigma Nu?
ADAM: Get involved with the house in an area that you’re interested in or that you really feel you could provide value to. The whole idea of not having any passive members is so important. Whether or not you hold a position you can always contribute to the chapter in some way. Some people feel like if they don’t have a position there’s nothing they can bring to the table, but that’s not true.

NICK: What are your plans for after graduation?
ADAM: Before I start working, I’m planning to go backpacking in Europe for 6-8 weeks since I never studied abroad. After that, I’ll be working full time for Deloitte doing risk analytics consulting. Looking ahead, I potentially want to go back to school to get my MBA and then maybe one day, far in the future, start my own business.

NICK: To wrap things up, one last fun question. Would you rather eat only your 5 favorite foods for the rest of your life, or never eat your 5 favorite foods again?
ADAM: Never eat my 5 favorite foods again because I’m not a picky eater and I like a lot of food.

This interview was conducted by Sigma Nu, Gamma Tau Chapter’s Reporter, Nick Ohren. Nick is originally from Altoona, Wisconsin and is a third-year/junior in the College of Liberal Arts studying English and dance.